A bit of housekeeping [or the social media version of a DTR with no tears and only a few dramatic pauses]

In some ways, I’m very, very bad at blogging.

I really enjoy the photography and writing aspect of blogging, but there’s all this other stuff that people who are really good at blogging do –that I’m either too lazy to do or just don’t understand. Things like promoting their blog through social media, and optimizing SEO.

SEO is definitely over my head, and I only sort of use social media for my blog. Very few of my posts are Pinn-able (huge blogger mistake), I don’t use Twitter at all, and even though I’m on Instagram and Facebook, I don’t even have social media buttons in my sidebar.

But I recently decided to take a step forward in the land of social media. I created a Facebook page for my blog (CLICK HERE!)

…I’ll wait for the applause to die down…

Until now I’ve been sharing my blog posts on my personal Facebook page, which has worked great. But this way blog updates won’t be all over the Newsfeed of my friends who maybe aren’t interested, and it gives people who are interested, but maybe don’t know me in real life, a way to easily follow along.

For a bit I’ll continue to share posts on my personal page and my public page, but eventually I’ll just share them on the public page.

If you’re a reader who usually clicks over from Facebook, this is your chance to head over HERE and “like” the page. Once you Like it, you’ll continue to see my links when I write a new post — just like always. But if you don’t, you won’t.

(You can also easily receive updates using a blog reader like Bloglovin’.)

The peak of blackberry season

We planted blackberries four years ago, and every year we watch the plant bloom,  grow berries, and then every year birds, squirrels, chipmunks, or some other form of evil gets to them before we can.

This year, just like every year before it, we watched the plant bloom, grow glossy red berries, and then, we watched in amazement as the berries matured.

For the first time ever, our blackberry bush is heavy with plump, juicy, delicious berries.


And Tom’s so like, “Soooo, what’s the ETA on the blackberry pie?”

In response, I hide my berry-stained fingers behind my back, shrug, and say, “Perhaps I can make you a pie when you finally teach your children a bit of self-control?”

blackberry 1

blackberry 2

blackberry 3


If David and Mary Virginia are both awake, they are bickering. They fight in the car, during meals, in the stroller. Whenever I’m on the verge of making me LOSE MY EVER-LOVING MIND, I try to remember that they’re kids and this is normal kid stuff. Having siblings is just one way we learn to interact, right? This is an opportunity to teach my kids how to respect others, how be generous, how to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and how to — CAN’T YOU GUYS PLAY TOGETHER FOR JUST ONE MINUTE!?!?!

Sorry. Where was I? That’s right, they’re learning how to put others first, about empathy, and about how easy it is to manipulate Mommy when her brain is fried from ALL THAT FIGHTING!


David: If she doesn’t share with me then I won’t share with her!

Me: David, in the Bible Jesus tells us that we should treat other people the way we want them to treat us.

David: [takes a moment to think] Mommy? Why did you say TREAT? Can I have a treat?


(Thanks for the cookies CJ!)