Month 14

month14 1

Thomas is 14 months old. By the time his siblings were 14 months old, I was already pregnant, and so they both remember month 14 as “the month Mommy fell asleep.” But this time I’m not pregnant, and I’m still exhausted. Which makes me wonder, was I exhausted the past two times because of pregnancy? […]


30-52 - david

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016. David / He’s spent weeks trying to catch butterflies, but he can never even get within feet of them. Lucky for him, though his mother really struggles to pick out paint colors or organize a mudroom, she’s excellent at catching insects. (His mother also really […]


29-52 - thomas

The whole forecast is full of hot, humid days and the second Tom opened his mouth to complain about it I shouted YOUJUSTSTOPITRIGHTNOW! Because remember a few weeks ago? When we were all bummed that it was JULY but too cold to swim? REMEMBER THAT? Kids, we’re sweating for the next two months and WE’RE […]