Month 15

thomas 1

This month Thomas got a new nickname. We’re calling him Screamy. And it’s not an affectionate nickname or a clever nickname, it is a very literal nickname given by two parents who are exhausted by a sweet little imp named Screamy. Thomas has hit his stride as a toddler. He’s realized that though he is […]


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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016. David / It’s been a huge summer for David. He learned to swim, and now he can ride a bicycle. It took about three┬álessons and now he’s off! (Riding a balance bike for two years really was the best teacher.) This photo doesn’t […]

An octopus birthday party

5thbday 4

Last year at preschool, David’s class sang a song that he called the Octopus Song, even though it’s actually called the Butterfly Song.┬áHe specifically loved the line, “If I were an octopus, I’d thank you Lord for my good looks.” And because he loved the song so much, and because he related so much to […]