A sophisticated palate


Can you tell what Mary Virginia is chewing on?

It’s an onion. A raw onion. It’s the raw onion I stashed under her crib to try to heal her ear infection. She found it and walked around the house gnawing on it.

Mary Virginia loves raw onions. Every time I slice an onion, she cries at my feet, “Iundat! IunDAT! IunDAAAAAAT!” until I hand her a slice of onion.

Here are two more pictures of her eating raw onions. This is bizarre, right? A baby who eats raw onions. Who loves raw onions.

While you look at these photos of my bizarre child eating raw onions, contemplate this list of foods Mary Virginia will not eat, that she will throw across the dining room if you put them on her tray. (Except when we visited my mom and dad, and she ate all this stuff. Because she wants them to put her in their will.)

  • chocolate chip cookies
  • bananas (Except occasionally she’ll eat the whole thing and suck on the peel.)
  • eggs
  • all vegetables
  • including sweet potato fries
  • muffins
  • Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets
  • actually, chicken in any form
  • now that I think about it, pretty much all meat

If Mary Virginia could choose, she’d be a berry-etarian. A berry-etarian who makes a special exception for raw onions.



A couch-full

I don’t know why I used to think that, as the kids got older, it’d be easier to take pictures of them. “Older” translates to “more cooperative”…right? That’s the sort of thing a mom of toddlers says. Like, “Oh, I can’t wait till my kids are teenagers and I can stop worrying about them!”

Go ahead, Mary Virginia, point at mommy and laugh.





On the last day of vacation we packed up our suitcases, and just before jumping in our cars, we piled the kids on the couch for a photo. I guess they misunderstood us. We said “smile” and they  heard “pretend you just got arrested and we’re taking your mugshot”. Mary Virginia looks near tears, and David is acting like he can’t stand to sit next to Caleb, which we know isn’t true.



Four blue-eyed Krieger grandkids, all under the age of four. At this rate, in a few years we’re going to need a bigger couch.

[Look how they've grown! The couch picture last year and the year before.]


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When the sun came out

I already mentioned that our vacation was mostly rainy and overcast. In fact, it was SO rainy and overcast, that I can only remember putting sunscreen on my fair-haired, fair-skinned babies a grand total of one time. I know, I know, you can still get burned when it’s cloudy. But when it’s cloudy, raining, and you’re huddled under a pile of sweatshirts it’s almost certain that you won’t get a sunburn.

I’m a little crazy when it comes to sun-protection, so normally sunscreen is just one of the several steps of getting out the door. My kids have never liked it, but since it’s part of the routine, the kids eventually get used to it. This year we had our first warm, sunny day at the end of the week, and when I dipped my kids in a vat of SPF 800 they were like, “Um, Mom? What is this bizarre coconut-smelling torture you’re forcing on us?”


These photos are from the rare moments of sun, when we passed around the sunscreen and headed outside to soak it all in.