Strengthening our immune systems

Albuterol, saline, labeled oral syringes, Azithromycin, Tamiflu, ear-numbing drops, thermometers, acetaminophen dosage chart for quick reference.


If I had to choose one photo to sum up fall/winter for our family, this would be it.

Usually when one of the kids are teething or has a cough, I keep their medicine on the counter and put it away when we don’t need it anymore. But this winter we started a collection. There was such a mess of prescriptions, duplicate medicines in infant and childrens’ formulas, and doctor’s orders that we could barely use the counter. As one of my January Cure projects, I rounded it all up and organized it in this handy basket.

I keep planning to put it all away — I already have a spot for it in the bathroom closet — then someone else spikes a fever, starts a new round of antibiotics, and the basket is overflowing again.

Now, anytime I put my hand on David’s forehead he automatically says, “No fever, Mommy! I not sick! I all better!”

In the grand scheme of things, I can’t complain. I have healthy kids, great access to healthcare, wonderful insurance, and a nurse line I can call in the wee hours when my worry can’t make sense of sad, sad babies with fevers.

It could be worse, I know. But, wow, the stomach bug, followed by ear infections, followed by RSV, followed by ear infections, followed by the flu, followed by ear infections is grueling.

This week has been a luxurious and symptom free: no fevers, hysterical night wakings, or suspicious coughs. Perhaps I will put the basket away tomorrow.

But for now it’s on the counter, a monument to the year winter got us good.


  1. Amanda. You take this post down NOW, I’m going to have bad luck just by reading it! You big jinxer!

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